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Limitless Equine Program 501(c)3 established in 2013

Limitless Equine Program was established with one goal in mind: helping special needs individuals develop independent characteristics through equine activities. The LEP founders began working with the Special Education department in public schools and incorporating horses into the lives of their students through expos, visits, and outings. We developed a love and passion for watching those individuals grow through the relationships they create with the horses. LEP instructors have seen what horses can do for people and their disabilities whether it be physical, mental or emotional. Limitless Equine Program is here to help the community develop lasting independent characteristics through equine activities.

Limitless’ passion for students to prosper and thrive within the program urged us to partner with Success Performance Horses. Limitless connected with Success Performance Horses to give individuals the opportunity to compete and showcase their equine skills at horse shows and competitions. Success Performance Horses is dedicated to helping students achieve their competitive goals and have a sense of accomplishment.


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